How to Organize a Cross Country Move as a Single Mom – 2023 Guide

Do you plan on moving sometime soon? Are you a single parent who has a lot on her plate? The truth is that relocating a household is surely time-consuming work that demands teamwork. Single parents may have a hard time trying to sort out their things and organize pick-up trucks, along with buying or sorting out all the furniture. However, moving cross-country as a single mom doesn’t need to be too difficult. Keep on reading and find your answers and useful tips down below.

Top 9 tips on how you can organize a cross country move as a single mom

1. Plan it all out


The key to moving with children successfully, especially when you’re a single parent, is to plan ahead. This is also a vital step if you’re a mom of toddlers or little kids. In most cases moving cross country can take 3 months or so. There are a lot of things that can go south, so plan in advance and avoid any possible complications. Once you prepare yourself and your mindset you will be ready for any potential outcomes.

PS: Don’t forget about your car transport and sort this out while you’re at it as well.

2. Pack lightly

If you wish to move chances are that you’re going to aim for a fresh and clean start. For a lot of moms, this means decluttering and throwing some stuff away or at least donating it to the right organization. On the flip side, some items are more expensive to transport than they are to buy, which is why you should do your research on some specific items (such as antiques, dishes, or pretty much anything that is easy to break). Items such as these cost more to transport.

3. Try and get your kids to help


Being part of the moving process will help your kids maintain a sense of control + all of you will have a ton of fun! If they are old enough they can actually come in handy and will be helpful to have around during the process. Aside from boxes all of you can do some painting, coloring, furniture organizing, and mini makeovers as you move into your new place. Have a task for each kid and know that they’re going to love every minute of it.

4. Try and save money

Moving from one home to another and especially cross-country can be pricey. Single parents could run into some financial issues, especially if they don’t think about their budget in advance. For instance, you can cut corners by using cardboard boxes from your office or grocery store instead of buying new ones. Aim for some colder months as well since June-August is super busy and pricey. If possible, move out in February-April for low prices.

5. Positive mindset


The truth is that moving can be strenuous and overwhelming, as well as draining for your mental and physical health. After all, it is something that you’ll be doing for 2-3 months, taking away most of your time and focus. This is why aiming for a positive attitude is more than vital. Try to meditate or read a book! Consider booking a massage mid-process. Aim for some relaxing baths, music, or candles just to bring back your energy and focus. The next day will be a lot easier to focus on.

6. Do your research

When it comes to researching neighborhoods and schools you should invest some time into doing the process. After all, you want your kids to have the best possible surrounding, right? Luckily, the internet is an invaluable source of information that can help you get ready for the steps that are ahead. Make sure that you move at the right (convenient) moment since you don’t want to disrupt your kid’s school programs or schedules. If possible get in touch online with other moms and see how they can help by pointing you in the right direction.

7. Pack like a pro


Remember, packing doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. In fact, you can pack like a pro by applying just some steps. You should know that by packing bedding, clothes, books, and non-breakable kitchenware yourself you are saving a lot of time and money by not having to pay for the service. Don’t forget to label your boxes so you’ll know what’s in them and what room they need to go in when you get to your new home.

PS: You should also pack a separate box that is filled with important documents, medications, etc.

8. Unpack little by little

You should never rush the unpacking process if you’re overwhelmed with emotions and adrenaline. The truth is that it is best to take it slow and start unpacking little by little, figuring out which room to go through each new day. You can unpack one room at a time when your kids are at school. Aim for Monday-Friday and get a room done each day, finishing up all the little details.

9. Find a great company for moving


The moving company you hire can completely make or break your move. Make sure you hire a moving company that has great reviews online and all over their social platforms. If you need a pair of additional hands and it seems like you can’t do the process on your own, always ask for help! This also applies to moms who don’t know how to get from point A to point B, and are actually in need of vehicle transport services. If you need a proper boost and assistance on the sides don’t be afraid to ask for some guidance.

Ready to move?

So, are you ready to make the right step and move cross-country effortlessly and stress-free? If that is the case make sure that you apply these top 9 tips and tricks. They will help every mom and each individual make the best ”move” for herself and her kids.

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