Moms Guide To Parenting In 2023

The birth of a baby completely changes the brand new mom’s life, and she can be overwhelmed by the incredible amount of different things to do, problems, and fears. How to join this new world of motherhood peacefully and comfortably?

First of all, it’s essential to create a positive attitude. Yes, everyone says that being a mom is tough. But you have no idea what a tremendous difference your attitude to everything related to motherhood makes. No doubt you can become a happy mother, who perceives many things easily, without losing focus and responsibility, and do not feel a crippling burden on their shoulders. How to achieve this?

Temper the perfectionism


Don’t expect yourself to be the perfect mom and your baby to be the ideal baby. Don’t set yourself up to go through “like clockwork” each day. You will not be able to control everything. Just decide for yourself that you will not dramatize and exaggerate the various events that can be called trouble.

Everything is going great if your baby is healthy, well-feed, and in a dry diaper. Household chores should not be at the top of your list of priorities right now.



In the first months of life, babies need as much attention and care from adults as possible. A year after birth, a baby takes a giant step toward his or her physical and emotional development. And to make sure that the process of growing up takes place correctly, moms and dads need to take into account: every child is unique in its way and requires an individual approach.

Of course, it is necessary to listen to the advice of experienced educators and specialists, but not superfluous will also listen to your intuition and adjust the contact with your child, taking into account the nuances of his character and physiology.

Write down your feelings and everything related to the baby in a diary, down to how many diapers were used – then it will be easy for you to monitor the baby’s health. If necessary, you can ask any question to the pediatrician, even if you forgot something due to lack of sleep.

Wellness through sleep


Actually, what about sleep? Besides your baby’s well-being, one of the most important things is your mental health as a new mom. Sleep deprivation doesn’t just ruin your mood and deprive you of energy, and it also leads to health problems. You can also sleep when your baby is resting.

Take care of yourself. Almost every other woman on the 3rd to 4th day after childbirth and on other days experiences an emotional decline. This is due to a change in the body’s hormonal balance and will inevitably pass. Don’t fight the feelings, even the unexpected ones that may overwhelm you. Within three weeks of giving birth, your body will adapt gradually to the changes, and you will feel better.

Newborn feeding


What should be scheduled for sure, so it is your baby’s feeding routine. No matter which feeding method fits your lifestyle. All babies need balanced nutrition for healthy growth and the development of the immune system.

Therefore, the baby must get the right amount of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. A baby receives breast milk or infant formula in the first months of life.

Pediatricians and lactation specialists agree that breast milk is the best food for the baby, and it is recommended to keep it at least up to 6 months. Breast milk contains a huge amount of nutrients and beneficial substances needed for the baby. In addition, each woman’s breast milk is unique and fits her baby.

Formula feeding is the feeding method of a baby with baby formula only. Only the pediatrician determines the reasons for switching to formula feeding and helps choose suitable formula milk for your little one. There are many kinds of baby formula. A healthy baby can take a regular formula, and for babies with certain health problems, a doctor prescribes a specialized or therapeutic formula.

Mixed feeding is feeding your baby breast milk in any combination with milk formula. How to schedule mixed feeding will prompt the pediatrician. Usually, mixed feeding is resorted to when breast milk is not enough. The doctor determines the need and amount of supplementation with formula milk, and don’t forget to visit your pediatrician before you decide to buy baby formula.

Be aware that any problems at the beginning of breastfeeding can easily be corrected. Statistics are on your side: 98% of women can fully breastfeed their baby. Be attentive to yourself and your baby, and everything will work out!

Lifestyle scheduling


The appearance of a new family member adds many new tasks and responsibilities for parents. Now you have to plan pediatrician appointments, buy baby hygiene products and food, not forget about daily walks in the fresh air and your business.

In the first months, it seems that the whirlpool of new troubles has turned a previously calm existence into chaos, but it’s only at first. Order life in these new circumstances will help to observe simple rules.

Make a to-do list for the week. The more carefully you plan your activities and follow a schedule, the more orderly and relaxed your life will become. It will be great if you also manage to plan grocery shopping for the whole family, including baby products. Calculate in advance how many diapers and jars of baby food you need to buy for the week.

Communication openness


Many new mothers may feel lonely: their lives mainly consist of taking care of their baby. Only you can break your social isolation, and the sooner, the better. It is essential not to limit yourself in communication and not forget that besides the baby, there are also family and friends who also support you and want to keep in touch with you.

Rest is best

Give yourself a weekend. Weekend – it means that you can just relax, not trying to be the best mom. On such days someone can stay with the baby while you go for a pedicure or in a cafe with a friend. After all, every mom deserves a little pampering!

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