How Can You Tell if the Jewellery You Are Wearing Is Handcrafted

When was the last time you went shopping for handcrafted jewellery or bought one? A collection of well-made crafted jewellery is something you must have in your closet. Not only because it appears aesthetically pleasing, but all the imperfections and delicate detailings represent the character of the one who made it.

Handcrafted jewellery is not mass-produced, there is a person or a group of people crafting it using some simple tools. Nowadays, you can also find handcrafted jewellery made out of recycled scrap metals, plastics, clothes, etc. So, the next you are on a vacation or exploring a city, look out for handcrafted jewellery shops, you will be amazed by its creativity.

However, there are some jewellery which arent handcrafted but appear to be one. They are very hard to distinguish, and you might as well be wearing one of them now; you never know!

By observing the following things, you can tell if the jewellery you are wearing is handcrafted or not.

Look at its Detailing


Every piece of handcrafted jewellery is different from the others, even if they are of the same designs and patterns. There might be a slight change in the hammering patterns or detailing or colouring that our eyes can pick. You can also start by seeing how the jewellery is constructed.

In the case of earrings or similar jewellery, the easiest way to examine them is by observing their decorations and the way they were made. Prongs, ear wires, findings, and other components will give you every detail about the material.

Jewellery that is handcrafted is usually sustainable and appears heavy than most machine-made jewellery. Handcrafting these wearables take time. Unlike manufactured ones, every pressing or forging on these items are done by a human, so their detailings can tell you that the jewellery you are wearing is handcrafted.

Look for the Artisan’s Name

The people or person selling handcrafted jewellery is actually running a small business. It may be available online or local market or at a fair. When they are trying to build a brand and mostly sell online, there will be the name of the artisan or the organisation. This shows that they are true to their business.

While exploring a local market, you might also come across some handcrafted jewellery corners where there is no name of the artisan or the company. These type of items also exists in the market.

In such cases, the point mentioned will tell you that the jewellery is handcrafted.

The one Reflecting a Personality


Crafting is an art, and the person making these items is an artist who is trying to run a small business. Every knot that has been tied in handcrafted jewellery or every hammered pattern is a reflection of that person. This is why these items are so special. And when you wear them, it makes you feel special.

So take a look at the jewellery you are wearing and see what story or history it is trying to say. Is it reflecting a personality? Are you admiring those little imperfections of the artisans?

Highest Quality Material Used

One of the biggest pros of handcrafted jewellery is that they are made out of the highest quality material. There isn’t any alloys or nickel used in forging the piece that you are wearing proudly. The diamonds and gemstones that are cast into silver or gold have the exact measurement, and hence, they are so much stronger and more high-quality.

Since the production of these kinds of jewellery is very small and they are able to monitor each and every piece that is being made, the artisans do not let low-quality landfills in their creations.

They are Sustainable


Handcrafted jewellery makers are committed to ethically-sources materials and sustainability. Instead of sourcing their material from a cheap wholesale corner shop, they source from reliable Indian suppliers. For these people, ethics is more important than making money by selling cheap products.

They are true to their business and the satisfaction of their customers means a lot to them. So if the jewellery that you are wearing is sustainable and looks authentic, it means that you are wearing a piece of real handcrafted jewellery.

It is not Easily Available

Handcrafted jewellery takes time and they are not so easily found. It is because, behind every piece, there is a human who crafted it from the scratch. At first, the design or blueprint of the jewellery is made then the crafting work starts. Sometimes it also days to craft one piece of jewellery.

The artisans hold a close relationship with every piece, and every line and every curve that is made on the jewellery is intentional. Because of all these reasons, handcrafted jewellery is not easily available, and if yours too is not that easily available, you should be proud while flaunting it.


When you buy handcrafted jewellery, you are indirectly helping someone run a small-scale business. Moreover, you are building a personal connection with the person crafting it. When you flaunt them at a party or simply on an outing, it is separating you from the crowd wearing mass-produced jewellery, while the money you paid is actually helping that person earn bread for his/her family.

Moreover, each artist has a story that is reflected in the handcrafted jewellery and each design has its own unique character to display. And as you wear it, you might be able to find the reason why that artisan has put an extra hammer on your ring.

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