Can You Customize a Ring You Already Have?

Are you thinking of customizing the ring you already have? Well, you can surely do that.

Jewelry is special to everyone. And if it’s an engagement ring, it’s special. Everyone has a fantasy about the engagement ring. It’s something which means a lot to people. It’s a trend to customize the ring, decide the stone, band, design, etc., by yourself.

If you did not get a chance to customize your ring, then you have one now. You can get your already existing wedding ring customized. You would have always dreamt of a one-of-a-kind and very special ring. Don’t think anymore and do it now!

There are many ways in which you can customize your ring. It depends upon you how much you want to change it, whether you wish to change the stone, band, or customize the entire design. You can also change the setting of the diamonds for diamond rings.

This article will guide you through what things you should keep in mind while customizing your ring.

Four Ways You can customize your ring


1. Engraving The Ring

When anybody thinks of personalizing or customizing a ring, they often think of engraving it. It is very trending. You should consider this option if your ring is just a plain band. The engraving reflects the relationship, and it is something that will remain close to you always. It makes it a very personal and private kind of ring.

You can engrave your initials on the ring or a quote that keeps you motivated and has significance in your life. If it is a wedding ring, you can carve your and your partner’s initials. You can also go for dates that are a milestone in your relationship or perhaps a wedding date. People these days are also into symbols; you can also think of that.

2. Changing The Shape Of The Stone

If it’s a diamond ring or stone ring and you are not happy with the shape of the stone, you can reshape it. To change the ring’s look, you can change the shape of the center stone. You can turn the center stone into shapes like round, square, oval, pear-shaped, princess cut, etc. The princess cut is the most common and evergreen cut for diamond rings. The pear shape is something that is not chosen by all.

Reshaping the stone will change the ring; it will be as good as a new one. While customizing, you must think of reshaping the stone.

3. Changing The Stones

Another way of customizing the stone rings is replacing the stone with a new one. If you are not happy with the stone your ring has, you can remove it and replace it with whichever stone you like.

There are several options in stones like ruby, sapphire, Emerald, Topaz, Amethyst, moonstone, etc. If you want pearls, you can replace the stone with a pearl. A single pearl ring also looks elegant.

Generally, the stones are also chosen according to your sun signs. Otherwise, you can choose the stone of whichever color you like most, which looks chic. Sapphire is generally preferred for white gold or silver rings.

4. Changing The Band

If you are not satisfied with your band’s shape, you can also customize that. You can turn a flat band into a round one or vice versa. Not just the type of band, you can also change the metal. You can turn a gold band into a platinum one or 18k or vice versa. However, that will mean changing the band completely. You can adjust the metal’s polish if you don’t want to change the band completely. Rose gold, gold, white gold, silver, etc., are some polishes you can think of.

If there are stones on your band and you want something decent, consider removing them. Changing the placements of the existing stones or replacing the stones with new ones is also an option.

It depends upon what type of ring you want.

Things You Need To Know Before Getting Your Ring Customized


Customizing your ring is not as simple as it seems. You should be aware of a few things beforehand to avoid any unnecessary losses.

The Value And Price Of The Ring

You should know the ring’s price when you bought it and its value today. All the paperwork and bills should be there with you. It is helpful while negotiating the cost of the customized ring.

The Guarantee Cards Of The Stone

If you are thinking of a stone ring, you should have the guarantee card of the stone with you. Having a genuine and standard record makes it easier to deal with the jeweler. The exchange value of the stones depends greatly on their authenticity and standardization.

The Jeweler Policies

Even though there are certain standard rules of jewelry that all jewelers need to follow, some may have policies. Before customizing your ring, you need to check all the procedures and the pros and cons.

The Insurance Policy

If you have the ring covered under insurance, you must have the legal papers. You should also check if insurance coverage is available even after customizing the ring.

Can you customize the ring you already have?


The answer is definitely yes. You can customize it as per your preferences and make it unique. You can make minute changes to it without compromising the original piece, or you can customize it completely. However, making a few changes is more affordable. A few ways have been listed above to do so. Your ring can be one of its kind because of your notable additions.


Customized goods and services are all that people these days are demanding. Then, a customized ring is no big deal. Customizing the ring you already have is easy; you need to know how certain things before doing it. Also, consult a professional for some trending and extraordinary ideas. If you are customizing it, make sure it is of significance to your relationship or personal life. This article helps you understand the various ways of customizing your ring and the important things you need to beware of doing so.

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