5 Reasons to Take Couples Massage Classes

Everyone has their preferences, their way to relax, but also everyone loves a massage. It is probably impossible to find a person who will refuse a massage at any time of the day. Massage relaxes our muscles, but also affects mental relaxation. Massage is an indispensable part of the after workout routine of many professional athletes, because it has many benefits for our health. It has been proven that athletes who regularly go for a massage are less injured.

But we do not always have the opportunity to go for a massage after a long, hard day. Sometimes we just don’t have time, because we have to help the children do their homework and prepare lunch for tomorrow. There are also situations when we do not have enough money for it, because massages are not cheap. Lack of time and money for a massage is not a problem when your partner can do it for you without going to a professional parlor. And in order to be able to give each other a relaxing massage, you need to know how to do it the right way. We will tell you what exactly couples massage classes are and what are the main reasons to take those classes.

What couples massage classes are?

The answer to the question of what is a couples massage class is as simple as it sounds. There are different types of classes you can take, such as fitness, yoga, painting, playing instruments, massage and so on.

If you decide to take a couple massage classes, then you need to attend classes together to learn how to massage each other. But the classes are there not only to bring us to the final destination, which is a skill for massage, but classes are also a process. And we’ll talk more about that below.


Reasons to take classes

We believe that some reasons are already coming to your mind, but trust us, there are many reasons that you will not immediately remember, and we will mention them to you.

1. Learn how to massage

Each of us has massaged our partner many times. But if you want the massage to be really great, it’s much more complicated than just randomly pressing your partner’s back and other body parts.

During classes you will learn at least basics, and maybe more. That depends on the number of classes you are ready to take. The first time you massage your partner after course, he or she will surely feel a big positive change in your approach. You will learn different techniques as well as which tools and oils to use. All this plays an important role in relaxation. If you use scented plant oils, then it will be an aromatherapy massage, which is a holistic healing treatment.


2. Bonding

Many couples fall into the trap after years together and think they no longer need bonding. But it is disastrous for the relationship. Even if you have been married for 20 years, you should always act as if you have just met. Never neglect your relationship or it you will end up unhappy or divorced. And did you know there are hormones that affect bonding? In order for these hormones to be secreted, you need to be physically intimate. Massage is certainly a way to secrete oxytocin, the hormone of love. Both during classes and after that every time you massage each other, you will feel in love just like when you met. Oxytocin is the culprit.

3. New activity to enjoy together

During first few months or even years, couples do everything together. But as time goes on, more and more activities they do separately. This is certainly healthy for a relationship, because each person needs personal space, but if you neglect all joint activities, you will become strangers to each other. Even business partners and colleagues have team buildings. That’s why you need some activity to bring you closer after you’ve been apart for most of the day. Going to couples massage classes is just the perfect way to do it. You will think about this joint activity all day, then you will spend time together in class and as you return home you will have a great topic to discuss.


4. Improve your sex life

You may have thought that we would mention sex right away, but we will explain why we only mention it now. Previous reasons will lead to emotional intimacy with a partner, which mostly leads to sex. That is why we believe that these are even more important reasons because they have multiple benefits for you. However, it is important to mention the sex life, because couples massage classes can give you the necessary spark. Remember how you had sex several times every day when you met? And now you’ve probably noticed that it’s less common than before. To regain that old feeling of lust, start massaging each other. While practicing massage in class, you can hardly wait to come home and continue intimacy in the bedroom.

5. Save money

It is recommended that you be massaged by a professional, so that the massage is effective and safe. But professional masseurs are quite expensive almost everywhere in the world, perhaps with the exception of South Asia. If the couple goes for a massage every week, it would be a significant blow to the household budget. And that is certainly one of the main reasons why people rarely go for massages, even though they need one. A spa weekend is usually a way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. But once you learn to massage each other, you will have a professional massage at your home for free. Couples massage classes are not expensive at all and are very cost effective in the long run.



We believe that after reading this article you understand that couples massage classes have many more benefits than the pure physical and mental relief you feel after massages. It will strengthen your relationship with your partner, improve your sex life, save money and you will also have great fun on the course. Maybe meet other couples and make new friends as well.

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