Few of the Best Non-invasive Anti-aging Treatments of Modern Times

Invasive skin rejuvenation is popular with the new “face” of anti-aging – younger folks hoping to delay obvious indications of aging. There are methods to address fine lines, deep wrinkles, dark spots, and scars. Non-invasive anti-aging technologies are used to resurface or regenerate the skin just like the cellulite reduction treatment for the legs or uneven skin tone.

The search for the fountain of youth is an age-old one, but getting raised, firm skin has historically required intrusive operations with lengthy recovery times and post-operative care. Now, with today’s equipment and technology, the newest and most sought-after procedures enable you to safely and quickly manipulate the skin.

Here are a couple of the best non-invasive anti-aging technologies of modern times:

1. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP):


Platelet Rich Plasma is also known as “The vampire facial” that uses growth factors from platelets in human blood to promote cell regeneration and speeds up tissue healing. It works by stimulating collagen creation using your plasma, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pore size.

2. LPG Endermology:


Today in modern times there are so many inventions happening in every industry. In medical skin treatment, we have a new Endermologie treatment which is approved by FDA also. This LPG alliance massage technic can reduce cellulite from your legs and body. It also helps in weight loss, post-pregnancy care, uneven skin tone, lymphatic drainage, and other anti-aging treatments.

This Endermologie is becoming popular among women who always look for beautiful skin and face. No matter what is your age you can try this non-invasive or non-surgical body contouring process with LPG massage machines.

3. Aqua Gold Fine Touch Facial:


Using a 24-karat gold screw thread and micro-injection needles, this new invention provides an immediate cocktail of chemicals for glowing skin. To rejuvenate the whole face, Aquagold uses microdoses of Botox, fillers, and other skin vitamins delivered via a luxurious 24-carat gold facial gadget. Melasma, pigmentation, pores, and general skin plumping and tightening may all be improved by using this product. This treatment is wonderful for dull and dry skin.

4. Photofacial:


An improved version of Intense Pulsed Light known as AFT is used in the photo facial procedure to treat indications of aging, pigmentation, and vascular diseases. Skin texture and tone are improved, sun damage is reversed (hyperpigmentation), rosacea symptoms are controlled, vascular lesions are treated, and enlarged pores are reduced.

5. Hyaluronic Acid Fillers:


Many people are unsure whether or not certain filer types are damaging to their health. There is no such thing. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that fills the gap between cells and keeps the skin elastic, moisturized, and smooth. This is why the body does not reject this product. To make the procedure as pain-free as feasible, injectable HA is injected under local anesthesia.

6. Derma roller


At the moment this may be the most popular non-invasive option, people choose to try it out in order to prevent aging. Mostly because it’s simple, and can be done in your home, saving you the time you’d otherwise have to spend on appointments. It gives great effects, plus it’s affordable.

It’s done with a small rolling device that has tiny needles all over it. When they go through your face, they slightly penetrate the skin, leaving tiny holes through which cream is absorbed into the skin. Whichever skincare product you find suits you best will only be more effective if applied with the roller. Although it may sound scary, it’s actually completely painless and done in about half an hour. Before the process, you want to clean the skin and exfoliate it. After you apply the serum of your choice and start rolling lightly across the skin, be careful around sensitive spots, like the eye and lip area. The best effect is achieved if you practice this continuously for some time.

Knowing all the above, how do you decide which treatment to try out?

It highly depends on the skin. The condition of the skin, its tone, and its constitution are completely individual from person to person and cannot always be related to chronological age. For younger skin, which would be around the age of 30, it is important to prevent wrinkles and maintain skin tone. Prevention of wrinkles on the upper third of the face is done by applying botulinum toxin, which paralyzes certain muscles and prevents the emphasis on wrinkles. When the first wrinkles appear, they are very effectively filled with hyaluronic acid fillers and mild laser treatments.

With age, facial skin relaxes and loses volume, especially in the malar region or cheeks, which occurs in the 40s and 50s. Volume is perfectly compensated by transplanting one’s own adipose tissue. This treatment, if repeated 2 times, gives lasting results.

Final word

In the era we live in, everyone seems to have the same goal – flawless skin. It is therefore not surprising that the vast majority of people have healthy, spotless, and radiant facial skin high on the list of their priorities.

Many women, but also men, will agree that irregular skin tone, dark under-eye circles, and dehydrated skin disrupt the desired appearance, but also pose a health issue. When it comes to aging, women in their early 20s take care of acne, chapped lips, and visible pores. As they approach their 30s and 40s, erasing aging marks like wrinkles and fine lines becomes a priority. In the 50s, however, the focus was on removing hyperpigmentation and age spots and trying to restore skin elasticity.

What do all women, and more and more men have in common? The search for the secret to preserving a youthful appearance and healthy, glowing skin. Trying out one of the treatments we mentioned above will surely add to the youthful, impeccable skin appearance.

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