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Our Vision

We embed empathy into the world’s biggest companies. Our work shows that empathy is positively correlated with growth, productivity, and earnings.  The top 10 companies in The Lady Geek Global Empathy Index 2015 increased in value more than twice as much as the bottom 10 companies.

Our Story

When we started in 2010, Lady Geek focused on female customers and employees in tech. We found that the key factor driving the gender divide in the tech industry is empathy. We now specialize in embedding empathy into corporations across all industries, for tangible, measurable impact on your employees, customers, and the public at large. Whilst some clients ask us to focus on women only, our empathy programmes are effective with both women and men.

Our Approach

We define empathy as the cognitive and emotional understanding of others’ experiences, resulting in appropriate action. We measure empathy levels across your business to identify where the empathy deficit lies, improving customer and employee satisfaction, as well as public perception on social media. 

  • “Empathy is the fusion of logic and emotion to deliver a truly remarkable customer experience in our dealerships.”

    Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin
  • “The Lady Geek Empathy Programme is much more than a makeover. It has given pride and empowerment to my staff, as well as having a positive impact on our customers.”

    Richard Rhodes, Head of Business at the Lexus Leicester showroom


We are the first company to measure empathy in business on a global scale. We measure empathy across internal cultures, external customer service and complaints and on social media.

Our Empathy Indices were launched in the Harvard Business Review  and it has since been featured in the FT and theSunday Times.


Our team of trained empathy experts measure and diagnose where the biggest empathy deficit is in your company and help you close it.

Applying our E.R.A methodology we help you ensure you are delivering Emotion, Reassurance and Authenticity across all your channels, which is essential for driving commercial success. We are experts in:

Empathic Culture

Is your internal culture a place where your staff can flourish and feel like they belong to a bigger vision?

Empathic Retail

Are you delivering the most empathic experience for your customers?

Empathic Product Design

Are you building empathy into the design of your products to ensure a deep understanding of the problems and realities of their lives?

Empathic Communications

Is the language you use showing empathy into your customers lives?

Little Miss Geek – Our Social Enterprise


To inspire young women to become tech pioneers – we want the next Mark Zuckerberg to be female.


The Little Miss Geek book explores why many women want to consume not create technology and provides practical solutions to bridging the gender gap within the industry.


Our #HERinHero celebrates women who are carving their own path in male dominated industries and acting as inspiring role models for the next generation.


Over 5000 students have taken part in our programme and we have increased the number of girls taking Computer Science GCSE by 52% at a girls school in London.

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