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Jenelle Eliana Net Worth 2023


To be from nothing to something in a short time period is worth the effort one puts in for years. So here is Jenelle Eliana, the undeniable proof that one can achieve anything with the zeal and perseverance to do it. With no investment, no influence and not much recognition to the most reputed YouTube star, know all the details about her journey in this article.

About Jenelle


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Eliana is a widely known vlogger on YouTube who has established herself through various mesmerizing contents which gained her about 2.48 million subscribers. Her popularity increased just in a fraction of months as she clipped her lifestyle, travelogues along with her companion pets Alfredo and Python. She takes her own can for the trip. She even posts all of this on Instagram.

Jenelle’s Life And Family

23 August was Jenelle’s Birthday. California became her native country in 1998. It was in 2016 that she completed her schooling. Later on she attended a marine biology based College to complete some courses and simultaneously she was a part of a sports goods company in Silicon Valley. She never revealed anything about her family or personal life. Neither College name nor the school name was disclosed. She lived a secretive life.

Career And Achievements


As she attended college and work simultaneously, she was not able to focus completely on her studies and so decided to drop college as she wanted to focus on her work. After some months she enrolled her to a data entry job after which she actually began travelling in her van during her weekends,this is when she started making videos which got involved her so much that in 2019 she resigned her job.In June she created her YouTube channel and posted her first video which earned her 400K subscriptions in a short sneak of four days. Which is appreciative and by the end of 2019 she crossed 2.25M subscribers which is outstandingly overwhelming. This is how her journey as a YouTuber began.

Facts About Jenelle

  • She left California at 18. This was because of her maladjusted parents. She paid $900 per month along with her friend for an apartment but later on she preferred to stay in her van.
  • She owned a Vandura Explorer of 1995 GMC which she bought for $2500 from a couple and completely renovated it for which she spent 1 month.This is where she started making videos for YT along with her pet.
  • It was her employer who helped in providing the tools for renovating the van.
  • She was a van lifestyle freak and watched videos on YT.

Net Worth


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The girl from nowhere today is the popular YouTube sensation who earns an estimated amount of $200K-$300K which mainly comes from her YouTube channel. As she is also a part of Depop, which also adds to her earnings. Even her Instagram posts also make some of her earnings.

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