Perfect Gifts for People With Anxiety

Getting a gift for a loved one or friend with anxiety is hard because you don’t know what might trigger them. You should choose a gift that will make them feel safe, reduce stress, and at the same time show that you care about their mental health.

Some of the most thoughtful gifts include:



People who have pets always say they are like best friends and companions. However, more benefits come with having a pet, including social, emotional, and physical benefits.

Pets help reduce anxiety, depression, and loneliness, and they help improve a person’s mood. They also help keep the owner-occupied, leaving little to no room for them to feel depressed or anxious.

The most common pets to give are cats and dogs, but if you want to give a pet to someone with an allergy, a pet axolotl would be perfect.

Axolotls are large salamanders and are some of the most unique pets. Like fish, they spend all their time in the water, and watching them swim can help relieve stress and anxiety. They are not common pets, which means that it could be hard for you to get one at a pet or reptile store.

However, you can get one at reptile expos and shows or from axolotl enthusiasts and private vendors. Alternatively, you can search the internet for pet axolotls for sale and ensure you buy from a reputable seller.

Vaping accessories

Research has found evidence that vaping helps relieve stress and anxiety because of the calming sensation it gives. If you have a friend suffering from anxiety who vapes, new vaping accessories are a perfect gift for them.

Vaping accessories come in different styles, shapes, and sizes, depending on the user’s preferences. Some of the accessories you can get include vape pens, portable vaporizers, trays, grinders, wraps, or concentrate storage.

When shopping, ensure that the sellers have a license and sell the best quality accessories like Vapman.

Mobile phone accessories


Mobile phone accessories include phone cases and covers, smartwatches, AirPods, and chargers. You can customize phone cases and covers with a message that will help your loved one feel loved and help lift their spirits. Smartwatches will help them monitor their health, which is good, especially during workouts.

Airpods will keep them busy with some of their best songs or podcasts, which helps keep their mind occupied and lifts their spirits.

A weighted blanket

This is probably one of the best and most popular gifts for people with anxiety. Weighted blankets use pressure therapy to help people deal with anxiety. They simulate the feeling of being hugged or held and work the same way as swaddling in children.

Sleeping under a weighted blanket offers comfort as it calms the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System), which alleviates anxiety symptoms and facilitates better sleep.

Essential oils


Aromatherapy is one of the most effective ways to deal with anxiety. Essential oils have anxiety-relieving properties, especially lavender, cinnamon, chamomile, lemon, clary sage, and Ylang-ylang.

You can pair these with an oil diffuser to help pump the essential oils throughout the house. Alternatively, you can buy things scented with those essential oils like linen sprays, scented stuffed animals, and candles.


Journaling is a perfect way to track and manage feelings like anxiety. Writing down experiences, concerns, and feelings can help people work through their anxiety and identify what triggers and what calms them down.

You can also encourage your loved ones to write down positive words of affirmation that they can read out loud every morning.

You can also get a gratitude journal where your loved one will write things they are grateful for after every day and things they look forward to the next day. That way, they focus on all the good things.

On the front page of the journal, you can write the person a thoughtful message or a quote that will help them remain positive.

Scented bath bombs


Warm baths are relaxing, and they can help someone wind down after a stressful day. Getting your loved one scented bath bombs and candles will encourage them to take a long hot bath after a stressful day, which helps alleviate the anxiety.

You should also consider getting bath bombs and candle scents like lavender and lemon, which help in relaxation.

Online support group membership

Sharing experiences with other people suffering from anxiety can help a loved one cope with their anxiety better. The group members could also share some of the tips they use to get over their anxiety that will help your loved one.

Art supplies


Art is a perfect way to express one’s emotions like anxiety and stress. Once someone expresses their emotions through art, for example, drawings, it helps them relax and feel better afterward, instead of bottling them in, which makes it worse.

Yoga classes or app subscription and a yoga mat

If your loved one loves keeping fit and prefers active relaxation, getting them yoga supplies could be the perfect gift. Yoga is one of the most relaxing exercises, and it helps people focus on positive thoughts.

It uses soothing techniques like breathing techniques, meditation, relaxation, and visualization to help overcome anxiety.

You can get them a subscription to an online class or app, a yoga mat, or a yoga pants set. That way, they feel motivated.

A spa gift card


Getting a massage and other self-care services offered at a spa could help someone feel relaxed and eliminate symptoms of anxiety. They help take care of not only the physical but also mental well-being.

If you want to gift someone who doesn’t like being in a public space, buy home spa items like a hand-held massage gun and self-care items like face masks, candles, moisturizers, and body oils.

You can pair this gift with some snacks the person loves, a card with a beautiful, encouraging message, or a stuffed animal.

A potted plant

Having plants in the house brightens up the space and helps lift a person’s spirits. Gardening has also been seen to be beneficial in dealing with anxiety. When choosing a plant, choose one that has soothing properties aloe Vera, chamomile, lavender, spider plant, snake plant, or English ivy.

You also have to ensure that it is low maintenance. That is because a high-maintenance plant might cause the person more anxiety if it dies.

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