Top 3 Female Finger Boarders to Follow on YouTube

As of now, many people are familiar with skateboarding, which has become a common hobby for high schoolers. However, the fingerboard is a traditional board sport similar to skateboarding. The difference is that fingerboard is relatively small and is played with hands.

Are you interested in finger boarding and want to see how it is played? In that case, check out the below guide, where we have included brief information about the best female finger boarders you can follow on Youtube. You can view their uploaded videos to learn about fingerboarding, tricks to play better, and other essential information about this leisure and fun sport.

Brief Info About Fingerboarding


A fingerboard is a miniature skateboard that functions as a regular skateboard. Using the middle and index fingers, players can imitate and repeat skateboarding’s key tricks and techniques on this small surfboard. A fingerboard has all the things of a regular skateboard.

Grip tape, deck, plastic, bushings, and interchangeable wheels and trucks are all present in the fingerboard. Fingerboards are typically 3.9 inches (100 millimeters) in length and 1 to 1.3 inches (26 to 34 millimeters) in width. The skateboard and a fingerboard have a scale ratio of roughly 1:8.

Traditional skateboard tricks such as the ollie, kickflip, and others, can be performed with a fingerboard. Fingerboards are utilized by a broad range of people, from children to experienced skateboarders. There are accessible in several types, such as wooden fingerboards, plastic fingerboards, customized boards, and others. Fingerboarders often manufacture and acquire scale model items that would be considered natural barriers like stairs, railings, and benches.

Best 3 Female Finger Boarders You Can Follow On Youtube In 2023

As finger boarding is slowly gaining fame, the number of YouTube channels about fingerboarding is increasing. Here we have listed the top 3 female finger boarders known for the best video uploads on the fingerboard.

1. Kelsey Fingerboards

The number one and best finger boarder you can follow on youtube is Kelsey. Her channel name is Kelsey Fingerboards which boasts about 92K subscribers. She has been uploading fingerboarding videos since 10 years, which shows her level of experience.

You can find different types of videos on this channel about fingerboarding. For example, tricks for kids, fingerboard unboxing, do’s and don’ts while using a fingerboard, a guide on how to easily play this sport, reviews about various fingerboard models, fingerboard matches with her friends, fingerboard models comparison, and many more.

2. Annie Yan

Annie Yan is another skilled female finger boarder who has been uploading fingerboarding videos on YouTube since 7 years. Her channel name is Annie Yan, and it has around 7.14K subscribers. Annie is known for her knowledge of various types and models of fingerboards.

The videos in this channel are about different content on the fingerboard. Annie made several videos on fingerboard unboxing, setting up the board, playing fingerboard in numerous places (dining table, sink, study desk), and more. Besides that, more than half of her videos show her playing fingerboard on several types of obstacles.

3. Fingerboard Brew

Here is another channel you can follow on YouTube related to fingerboarding. The channel goes by the name Fingerboard Brew which is a podcast run by Annie Yan and Evan. This channel has a total of 618 subscribers. You will gain more knowledge about fingerboarding through their videos.

The first video is about whether the costly setup is necessary for the fingerboard. In addition to that, they talk about fingerboarding in social lives, fingerboard sponsorship, progression in fingerboarding, oversaturation in fingerboards, and other vital information about fingerboards.

Different Components Of Fingerboards

Here are some of the essential and common components associated with fingerboards.


Plastic or wood substances are used to make fingerboard decks. They are available in different shapes, such as popsicle decks, old-school decks, cruiser decks, and more. Like an actual skateboard, modern and high-end decks feature a pronounced nose and tail. Decks have gotten wider with time. For instance, earlier Berlin wood decks used to be 29mm wide, but today’s decks are 32mm-34mm wide.


The wheels of a fingerboard are composed of plastic, resin, metal, or polyurethane (the substance used in real skateboard wheels) since it provides a tight grip. Bearings are also included in high-end wheels. They are 3D printed, cast, or lathe-machined.


The bearings which are utilized in fingerboard wheels are the exact ones as those used in skateboard wheels. In addition, they are prepared from the best-quality steel, just like skateboards, in order to ensure that the wheels spin smoothly.


In general, trucks are manufactured with metal primarily for the toy industry. However, in the present time, there are numerous manufacturers who create unique trucks, especially for this sport.

They are setting substantially higher quality criteria in smaller quantities.


Grip-tape, which is made of rubber, neoprene, or fine-grain skateboard grip, is applied to the deck. It helps to improve and expand traction.


The screws hold the trucks to the deck. Besides that, the nuts keep the wheels of the trucks in their place. Locknuts are primarily used because they are difficult to loosen.


Similar to skateboard trucks, fingerboard trucks contain two bushings that help to smooth out the ride. Poor quality plastic boards may only have tough plastic bushings, which can quickly break, making it difficult to do specific fingerboard techniques.

In fingerboard, ramps and obstacles play a vital role. These obstacles were traditionally handcrafted from wood, concrete, metal, concrete, and household things such as cardboard boxes in the initial days of the fingerboard. Many manufacturers and businesses are currently mass-producing these barriers. Cheaper barricades are primarily constructed of plastic, but higher-quality ramps are formulated with molded concrete, metal, and wood. The majority of barriers attempt to mimic a real obstacle.

Bottom Line

As fingerboarding is slowly gaining popularity in recent years, there are several finger boarders who have started their own YouTube channels to upload videos about fingerboards. You can follow these skilled players to gain knowledge and learn tricks about fingerboarding.

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