When to Wear Ankle Booties vs. Knee-High Boots

When it comes to fashion, some things are better left to the experts, and so are our fashion choices. With ankle boots and knee-high boots, you have two looks that look great on everyone from your fashion-conscious sister to your athletic grandma. However, as fashion choices go, there are a few differences between ankle boots and knee-high boots. The biggest difference between ankle boots and knee-high boots is the amount of support they provide. Knee-high boots are made with thicker soles that provide more support for the ankle, while ankle boots are made with soles that are thinner to offer more flexibility. And while ankle boots can be worn for more casual occasions, knee-high boots are generally reserved for the office.

Ankle booties are often more appropriate for spring and summer, while knee-high boots are good for winter, which can help decide when to wear ankle booties vs. knee-high boots.

Ladies, have you ever shopped for shoes only to find a lackluster return, with nothing matching your style? Or, have you ever felt as if you’re staring at a wall of shoes, only to leave the store empty-handed? Most women would answer yes to either of these. But, there is a solution: select from a wide variety of booties. Some of them are flat, others are high-heeled, and several can be matched to the length of your skirt, if you choose. Below, we have listed some of these styles, along with their most popular benefits.

When ankle booties first appeared on the scene, choosing between them and my go-to knee-high boots became a bit of a challenge. And now since most of us have both, I thought I’d break it down for you and show you when to wear ankle booties vs. knee-high boots based on your outfit’s form and color. I often see knee-high boots worn when ankle booties would be a better option, so let me show you how adaptable your ankle boots are. Now, bear in mind that this is just my viewpoint. If you disagree, please let me know in the comments section below (nicely, of course)!

Skinny Jeans in a Dark Color:

Darker colors look fantastic with both ankle and knee-high boots, whether it’s a deep burgundy red or a traditional blue denim. Knee-high boots may sometimes cut your leg in an inconvenient place, making you seem shorter, but when combined with darker skinny jeans, this problem is avoided.

Jeans for a boyfriend (or any non-skinny jeans):

I see baggy pants coupled with knee-high boots much too often. It was an honest error, but folks, pay attention. Knee-high boots were designed to be worn with fitting jeans to prevent a bunchy region around the knee. Save your boyfriend jeans for ankle boots, and roll them a couple times with this helpful tip :).

Skinny Jeans in a Light Color:

Now, this is debatable. But the way I see it, white or light colored skinny jeans are not meant for knee-high boots. I feel that knee-high boots cut off your legs more harshly in light colored pants, making you look shorter. Since light jeans are already not very slimming, shortening your legs with knee-high boots can make that effect even worse. I say it’s best to pair your white jeans with ankle boots to elongate the legs.

Skinny Jeans with Prints:

Because patterned skinny jeans are so busy, wearing them with a tall boot may take the focus away from the trousers and make it seem as if there’s too much going on. Ankle boots are an excellent choice for patterned trousers since they make the pants the main focus of the ensemble.


Now, my cowboy boot-wearing southern friends may disagree, but I’ve always believed that knee-high boots should never be worn with shorts. When the two are combined, it may be a little overwhelming. Furthermore, the proportions cut your legs off in two places, making you seem shorter.

Skirts with a Midi Length:

Because midi skirts may be difficult to style and might make you seem shorter, wearing them with ankle boots is a much better choice. You’ll be able to see the thinnest portion of your legs and they’ll seem long and slender.

Mini Skirts (Short Skirts):

Straight short skirts or dresses work well with both ankle and tall boots. Pair your short skirt with a shirt that offers additional covering to keep the appearance from becoming too exposing. With the knee-high boots, a long-sleeved sweater dress or anything not too form-fitting or low-cut would be ideal.


Mini Skirts with a Flowy or A-Line Shape:

Both ankle boots and knee-high boots work great with flowy dresses and skirts. The loose fit makes either boot appropriate. Choosing which shoe to go for just depends on the look you’re trying to achieve.

Is this how you style your knee-high and ankle boots?

Do you know why it is a bad idea to wear heels to work? You’ll be covering a lot of ground, standing on your feet all day, and bending, lifting, and moving. When you wear heels, your legs are being put under way more strain than when you wear flats. You’ll also be putting a lot of pressure on your ankles, which are designed to bear only about 5% of a person’s body weight.. Read more about are riding boots still in style 2023 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are knee-high boots in style 2023?

Yes, they are in style.

What boots are in style for 2023?

I am not sure what you mean by in style for 2023.

Is it too early to wear knee-high boots?

It is never too early to wear knee-high boots.

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