What Shoes to Wear with Boyfriend Jeans

Finding the right pair of shoes for you can be a tricky task. Not only do you have to match the shoe with the outfit, but you also need to consider the occasion and your personal style at the same time. Which is why we have put together a list of the best pairs to pair with a boyfriend jeans.

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The days of wearing jeans with a pair of shoes in the same color is long over. If you want to wear a pair of jeans with a pair of shoes in the same color, you’re probably going to have to mix it up. And it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If you’re really looking to match a pair of pants with a pair of shoes in the same color, you’ll need to do your research on whatever color pair of pants you want to wear. For example, brown slacks go with brown shoes, whereas black shoes go with black pants. You get the idea.

Ripped boyfriend jeans have rapidly become a favorite of mine. They’re baggy, comfy, and may be very attractive if you locate the perfect pair. Choose a “slim” pair that accentuates your feminine form while remaining loose. These nasty guys from Urban Outfitters come highly recommended. They’re not just flattering, but depending on what you pair them with, they can go from casual to edgy to even more feminine. When it comes to dressing this denim trend, I’ve discovered that, apart from fit, shoes make the greatest difference. The incorrect shoes may make you appear shabby and unpolished, so read on to learn which shoes to pair with your boyfriend jeans.

If you’re aiming for the GIRLY look,

If you’re worried about appearing too sloppy in boyfriend jeans, consider a more feminine appearance instead. The trick is to wear feminine footwear such as pumps or heeled sandals. They give the jeans a more defined appearance and make them more of a statement than simply a pair of jeans you put on. You can’t go wrong with traditional nude heels, or opt for something a little more vibrant for spring, like these purple sandals.


If you want to go for a CASUAL look,

On weekends or while doing errands, boyfriend jeans are perfect for a laid-back appearance. You may wear them with just a t-shirt and be ready to go. Flats may be tough to match with boyfriend jeans in terms of footwear. They make your feet seem smaller, making the baggy pants appear more bigger. I recommend flats with some cushioning for your feet. Slip-on shoes, for example, look great with boyfriend jeans. Slides have a heavier appearance as well (this pair from Joie is one of my favorites!). Ballet slippers or sandals with thin straps should be avoided since they tend to make your feet seem smaller.


If you want to be a COOL GIRL,

To get that stylish female feel, I like to pair boyfriend jeans with ankle boots. I know, it’s a shocker. However, not all ankle boots are appropriate with boyfriend jeans. Choose boots that are extremely low or that hit exactly at the ankle. To prevent seeming frumpy, there should be adequate space between the boot and the denim. The choices listed below are ideal.


What to Avoid Wearing

Boots that are too high above the ankle are the least attractive with boyfriend jeans. It may appear heavy and unattractive if your jeans extend beyond the top of the boot. Although I like these boots, I would save them for slim pants.


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You might not think it’s a big deal, but wearing the wrong pair of shoes can have a big effect on your weight. That’s why we’ve decided to help you by suggesting the best shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans. With a pair of boyfriend jeans, you’re going to want to make sure you don’t wear any stilettos or high heel shoes. You want to make sure to wear your boyfriend jeans with a pair of sneakers or flip-flops. If you’re going to wear a dress or skirt, then you should make sure to wear flats.. Read more about shoes to wear with girlfriend jeans and let us know what you think.

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You can wear anything you want with boyfriend jeans.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Can you wear ankle boots with boyfriend jeans?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Yes, you can wear ankle boots with boyfriend jeans.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What shoes do you wear with jeans?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
I wear a pair of brown boots with jeans.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I wear with boyfriend jeans 2023?

You can wear anything you want with boyfriend jeans.

Can you wear ankle boots with boyfriend jeans?

Yes, you can wear ankle boots with boyfriend jeans.

What shoes do you wear with jeans?

I wear a pair of brown boots with jeans.

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