My 6 Secrets to Curling Your Hair Perfectly Every Time

There are thousands of YouTube tutorials on how to curl your hair, but most of these don’t teach you how to get that perfect curl every time. I’ve tried every method under the sun, and I’ve discovered a bunch of little tricks that actually make a huge difference. Here are the 6 secrets that I’ve learned along the way.

In the past, I’ve tried everything from hot rollers to curling irons and flat irons to try and get my hair to curl naturally. The best result I ever got was straight. But I found myself wanting more! And then I discovered the secret to getting your hair to curl: “micro-twists”!

If you want to look like a Hollywood actress, you’ve got to do what those stars do. One of the most commonly used tools for curling hair is the curling iron. But, curling with a curling iron can be difficult and a bit dangerous, especially if you have thick locks like those found on. The secret to perfect curling hair with a curling iron is to practice, practice and practice some more. Follow these tips, and you’ll have the perfect curls to wow everyone around you.


This article is for you if you know how to operate your curling iron but aren’t obtaining the results you desire. I’ve been curling my hair for years, but when I look back at pictures of it, it looks dramatically different from year to year, despite the fact that I believed I was doing it the same way each year. I’ve found a few techniques that enable me to achieve the consistent outcomes I desire after a lot of effort. Whether you curl your hair with a traditional curling iron, a curling wand, or even a flat iron, these techniques will transform your life!

1. Before curling, use a texturizing spray.

Make sure your hair is in good shape before reaching for your curling iron. This advice will come in handy if you’ve just bathed and blow dried your hair. Before you start curling, spritz your hair with texturizing spray to give it a stickier texture that will help it retain the curl better. Because very smooth, clean hair has a hard time maintaining a curl, product is required.


2. Curl your roots a little longer than your ends.

The hair closest to your roots, or the upper half of your hair, is denser and thicker than the hair at the ends. As a result, you should keep your curling iron on your roots for longer than on your ends. If you keep them in the same position for the same length of time, you’ll get those defined ringlets that no one wants. To begin, clamp your curling iron halfway down your hair and curl the top half (roots) first. Then curl the whole strand starting about an inch from the ends. This will guarantee that your roots are exposed to the heat for a longer period of time than your ends.


3. Rotate each curl in a different direction.

Another important step in avoiding ringlets is to change the direction of each curl. It’s simpler for them to cluster together into one large ringlet if you curl each piece in the same way. Instead, curl the front parts away from your face first, and then alternate each piece from there.


4. Curl the front of your hair gently.

One of my favorite tips that’s made a huge difference is being much more delicate with my front pieces. Instead of curling them the same way I curl the rest of my hair, I typically run the curling iron through my front pieces quickly and lightly. This creates a softer curl in front, making the look more natural. My front pieces are also more damaged than the rest of my hair since I’m always blow drying and straightening them, so they react to the heat much quicker. Use a light touch on your front pieces, and you’ll notice a huge difference in the final look!


5. Make the ends straight.

If you want a more relaxed wave, straighten the ends of your hair after you’ve finished curling it. It gives it an edgier, more relaxed appearance while while preventing ringlets. You may use your straightener for this or just clamp down on the ends of your curling iron and pull straight down.


6. Make a raking motion with your fingertips through your hair.

This is a MUST-DO step! After you’ve finished styling your hair, rake your fingers through it and shake it around a little. Otherwise, you’ll end up with waves that are extremely defined and don’t seem very natural. I usually do a gentle, one-time flick of my hair forward and back. It will assist to relax and divide the curls for a more natural appearance.


Do you have any tricks for getting your hair to curl properly every time?

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I am not sure what you mean by curl your hair perfectly.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you keep your hair curled all day?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
I use a curling iron, and then I brush my hair with a boars bristle brush.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How can I curl my hair everyday without damaging it?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You can use a curling iron or a hair straightener to curl your hair.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you curl your hair perfectly?

I am not sure what you mean by curl your hair perfectly.

How do you keep your hair curled all day?

I use a curling iron, and then I brush my hair with a boars bristle brush.

How can I curl my hair everyday without damaging it?

You can use a curling iron or a hair straightener to curl your hair.

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