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Keep Your Polished Concrete Clean With These Tips

If you have polished concrete in your home, then you know how beautiful and durable it can be. However, like any other surface in your home, it needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it looking its best. Here are some tips from Polished Concrete Victoria, the best company for house cleaning solutions, on how to clean your polished concrete.

1. Sweep Up

The first step in house cleaning solutions to keep your polished concrete clean is to sweep the surface. It will remove any dirt or debris that might end up scratching the floor when you’re walking on it with your shoes. This tip from Polished Concrete Victoria will help keep your polished concrete clean.

2. Mop Like You Mean It

Most people don’t realize how better their house looks with a bit of mopping. Polished Concrete Victoria advises that you should thoroughly mop the floor at least once a week. Mopping is one of the best house cleaning solutions.

3. Clean Regularly Over Shoe Scuffs and Stains

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One of the most common causes of damage to polished concrete floors is scuffs from shoes with rough soles. These can scratch your floor pretty quickly, so you want to clean these areas as soon as they happen, if possible. Polished Concrete Victoria notes that you should immediately wipe them up before they cause stains or discoloration on your surface.

4. Be Careful with Stain Removers

Stain removers are great for getting spots off hardwood floors, but you might not be able to use them on a polished concrete floor without the risk of damage. There’s no authentic finish that you can buff away, so a permanent stain or scratch can emerge if you use the wrong product. Polished Concrete Victoria can help you choose the right product to keep your polished concrete looking its best.

5. Don’t Wait to Get Help

While it’s usually easy to clean up spills and scuffs on your polished concrete surface, sometimes the damage gets too deep to get rid of on your own. Don’t hesitate to reach out for professional help from Polished Concrete Victoria if this happens to you. We’ll offer the best house cleaning solutions and restore your polished concrete to its original beauty.

6. Clean Spills Quickly

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If the damage to your polished concrete floor is still fresh, then you want to act quickly. The longer you let a spill sit on your surface, the harder it will be to remove later on. At Polished Concrete Victoria, we advise that you always have towels or rags nearby to wipe up spills as soon as they happen.

7. Clean Up Scuffs Promptly Too

Another house cleaning solution is cleaning up Scuffs promptly, just like stains. You don’t want anyone wearing anything on their feet at all if it could leave behind scuff marks or scratches on your floor. Flours like parquet floor require one to remove the shoes before walking on them.

8. Get A Mat for Your Entryway

Having a mat at your entryway is another excellent way of house cleaning solutions to keep dirt and debris off of your polished concrete surface. It will save you so much time cleaning overall because the surface will stay cleaner longer, which means less mopping or sweeping for you. Plus, it’s always good to do what you can to prevent damage from happening in the first place – resulting in an even more beautiful polish down the road.

9. Remove Debris from Upholstery Immediately

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When people wear shoes into their house, they track little bits of dirt and debris onto your upholstery. If you allow this to happen over time, it will scratch the polished concrete underneath, which is why you always want to clean stains or scuffs as soon as they happen. The same thing goes for cleaning up messes on your furniture – act quickly if something spills so you can avoid leaving any marks behind.

10. Be Careful About Removing Stains Alone

As we mentioned before, some stain removers might do more harm than good when used with polished concrete surfaces. We advise that you always test a small area first to see how the chemicals in the solution react with your surface before diving into your whole floor with it – even if it looks like an easy fix, you need to know that it’s safe.

11. Take Care of Dirt and Debris Before It Even Gets There

The best way to keep your concrete looking terrific is by preventing dirt and debris from getting on the surface in the first place. New vacuums are designed for polished concrete surfaces if you have pets or children. These work very similarly to uprights, but they rely on water instead of suction power – which keeps dust, hair, and other dirty things off the floor while you clean it.

While this might seem expensive at first, when you add up all the costs of cleaning supplies and time wasted over several years, you’ll save a lot more than if you just bought a new vacuum.

12. Protect Your Floors with Furniture Covers

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Another option for house cleaning solutions from Polished Concrete Victoria is to cover your furniture with plastic sheeting before anyone goes near them. You can not only protect your floor by doing this but also keep the things you love looking new, which means that they’ll be more likely to stay in style for longer. That’s something we can all get behind.


Polished concrete floors are a great addition to any home. They have the durability of stone, but without being too cold or inhibiting that “homey” feel that many homeowners love. However, just like any other real-life material, they need some tender loving care to keep them looking their best. If you follow these simple steps for your house cleaning solution; keeping your polished concrete surfaces clean and shiny, then you should have no problem creating a beautiful space from day one – and maintaining it over time as well.

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