How to Introduce Sex Toys in the Bedroom?

If you’re already using sex toys in your intimate play, chances are you can already see where all the buzz is coming from. Adding a new element of titillating fun to your steamy date night rendezvous keeps your sexual relationship fresh, dynamic, and vibrant. Using sex toys is not a sign that the sex is bad or your partner “isn’t enough”, on the contrary, it means that both of you feel safe and comfortable and are much into exhilarating experiments. If you’re ready to learn how to introduce toys in bed, follow our helpful guide on how to get started. Discover new ways to turn up the heat and float your or your partner’s boat in a flash!

Break the ice & be discreet


As passionate and sexually active human beings, we are aware sex toys are a game-changer in both solo and partnered intimate play. They can help satisfy your urges, fulfill your high-voltage sex fantasies, make your kinks a reality, thrust deeper, and vibrate in ways we’d have a hard time achieving alone. It’s for these same reasons that knowing how to introduce sex toys into your intimate lives can change how you enjoy sex entirely.

Focus the idea around excitement & pleasure

Personal integrity and candor are any relationship’s best policies. Sitting your partner down and explaining why you want to introduce sex toys into the bedroom is important. Share with them how hard you cum when using your vibrator, or how you want to explore double penetration or engage in roleplay intimate fun. Be honest and respectful, and listen to any reservations your partner may have. Boost your partner’s confidence and renew their keen interest in anything sex by reminding them that trying new things is good, especially in long-term relationships, and how introducing pleasure toys in bed is the new black.

When introducing something new, we suggest that you begin with the positive, make an offer or ask a question, and then make your request. For example:

  1. I loved how you touched me last night…
  2. Have you ever thought about trying a vibrating dildo…?
  3. I’d love to try … with you.

Did you know that relationships with an open line of communication are more likely to have twice the satisfying sex? Communication with your sexual partner(s) is important, regardless of whether or not you’re learning how to introduce sex toys to your sex life or on a date night. Expressing what you liked, what didn’t do it for you, and what you want to try are all essential pieces of information you and your sweetheart need to exchange. The more you communicate, the easier it gets. Broaching into the unknown subject of introducing sex toys in the bedroom is an important step to trying new kinks, fantasies, and fetishes. Who knows? We’re confident the sudden change in communication may reveal your partner’s secret curiosity, and this will help both of you with the introduction of sex toys in your intimate lives even more.

Offer to shop for sex toys together


If your significant other(s) is unacquainted with sex toys or hesitant to introduce them into your relationship, exploring pleasure toys on the web and shopping online together is a helluva good idea. Sudden inspiration for a new sexy bedroom scenario could strike while you’re going through any prostate vibrators or reading about flavored lubes or blindfolds, making it easier to figure out how you can introduce sex toys.

Ever tried vibrating dildos? Oh, glorious vibrating dildos! A sex toy that can be enjoyed by anyone with a pleasure hole, regardless of genitalia, gender, or orientation. A vibrating dildo is a unisex lust toy that essentially makes you moan hella good — in a hella good vibrating way. They’re shaped like real cock, but are so much better due to their vibrating features. Vibrating dildos are a must-have pleasure tool for sex starters and pleasure veterans. Your pleasure zones are chock-full of sensitive nerve endings, more than 10000 to be exact, that feel fant-ass-tic when stimulated. Shopping together gives you and your partner a chance to get as excited as you are by all the endless possibilities. Better yet, the two of you can bond over something you think you’ll both enjoy as you figure out how to introduce toys in bed.

Choose an appropriate sex toy to start with according to your preferences

Whether you’re a sexual aspirant that is just getting their feet wet in the world of sex toys, or a badass and experienced veteran of lust who’s seen it all, every one of you should gain hands-on exposure to sex toys and vibrating dildos. Sex toys allow you to explore new domains of pleasure, elevate sexual gratification, and help partners bond better. Being with someone who makes you feel sexy and loved builds stronger relationships, and it’s for this reason that so many couples are asking how to introduce sex toys in bed.

You may have tried a dildo before, but the best vibrating dildos are a whole other ball game, offering some extra stimulation and titillating sensations right where it matters the most. Medium or large vibrating dildos can help you enjoy the perfect mix of vibration and fill for the best ride of your life! Most vibrating dongs feature a powerful vibration motor and 2-4 inches of girth for a gratifying combination of fill and buzz to send you over the edge.

Get to know your sex toy & explore


We have sex for plenty of physical and emotional reasons. It can help us express love, develop intimacy, and reconnect physically and emotionally. Most importantly—sex should be fun, and learning how to introduce pleasure toys such as vibrating dildos in bed should enhance and thrill your relationship, not hurt it.

If it’s distressing or turns out it just isn’t for you, move on. Try other toys, turn date night into an erotic game night, or drop the subject entirely. Remember: what counts as a good time varies from individual to individual, but it should always be consensual, fun, safe, and rational.

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