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How Do You Change Legs on an Old Coffee Table?

People do not even think about furniture legs and how many they have around the house until they notice some of them are broken. In general, we are having furniture legs under desks, dining tables, coffee tables, benches, kitchen counters, etc. However, in most cases, people are faced with the problem of broken legs on a coffee table.

There is absolutely no need to replace the whole furniture and throw it away because one leg is broken. Logically, over time and after so much usage, these things are happening. The good news is that we prepared an article which a couple of tricks and ways of how you can change legs on your coffee table.

Consider Using Straight and Angled Metal Plates

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You can decide on metal players that can be attached to the underside of your table. A bolt is specially installed part-way into the leg and it leaves a 5/16” of exposed threads that are screwed into the metal plate. You can simply unscrew the legs for storage and transport. This is a great solution that is available for both straight and angled attachments.

Think About Using Threaded Inserts

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One more great option that you can consider refers to the threaded inserts that are requiring simple and not complex woodworking skills. They can be installed directly on the underside of the coffee table. Additionally, they are allowing the legs with a 3/8” wide insert bolt to be installed. This represents one of the invisible options, that is strong enough to keep your coffee table.

You can Choose Mounting Blocks

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If you are interested, you can decide on mounting blocks that can attach legs to a coffee table without aprons. The attachment process is the underside of the table with 4 supplied. There is going to be a 3/8” x 2 ½” bolt installed part-way into the leg. You will have the remaining ¾” of exposed threads that are going to be screwed into the mounting block. These types of blocks are having nice edges which provide an attractive look. This is generally considered one of the fastest and easiest options for coffee tables which is strong for any type of application.

Consider the Thick Gold Hairpin Table Legs Set

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One more great alternative that we would recommend you to consider refers to the specially designed golden hairpin coffee table legs set. This is a fast, easy and strong alternative that comes with a very attractive design as well. You can find them in different sizes and choose the one that will suit your coffee table the most. What is worth mentioning is that this leg set has incredible features regarding high-quality and stable installation. It is created from cold-rolled iron and it has a black surface coating that gives a very elegant appearance. Additionally, these golden leg sets can carry a weight of up to 350 pounds. Therefore, if you decide to purchase the gold hairpin legs, you will not have to worry about stability and great appearance.

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