Why is CBD so Expensive?

Not a lot of industries have experienced so much growth and expansion in the last several years like the CBD industry has. Thanks to many different factors and due to the popularity of this ingredient, the CBD industry has flourished several times over and became bigger and bigger over time. What started as something not a lot of people knew about has transformed and became a very mainstream thing that most are familiar with. Even those who do not really know what this is about have a general idea or a broad sense of what CBD is.

However, there seems to be an issue that both the enthusiasts and those who do not partake share. That would be the price of CBD products. It is often thought that they are expensive, or at least not as affordable as they should be. According to many regular users, most CBD is on the expensive side of the spectrum. Beginners and those who are just starting agree that things could be cheaper especially now when the whole industry has become quite popular and mainstream. Shouldn’t things become cheaper with greater demand and more supply?

Anyhow, in this article we tackle the problem of expensive CBD products and talk about why the prices are as high as they are. Do they have to be, and does everyone need to set aside a considerable sum to meet their needs? Read on to learn more about this especially if you are passionate about these products and take them every day. What is more, for additional information on the industry as well as how much you should be paying for some of the best and most popular products on the market right now, be sure to check out

A Challenge for Farmers


Most things that are seemingly inexplicably expensive actually have very good reasons for being so. Usually, it is because it is hard to grow and manufacture. With CBD, especially the oil products, that is certainly the case. Hemp plants from which all of it comes from presents many challenges for the farmers who are growing it. The biggest reason why it is challenging to have a hemp farm and a hemp business is the fact that the plants require a lot of physical labor, manual labor that needs to be precise and constant.

There is also a lot of inspection involved in order to keep everything up to speed. Another big problem for most farmers is the THC content in the plants which needs to be very low, otherwise they risk growing marijuana that is illegal and very problematic. If a plant exceeds the allowed amount of THC, it needs to be destroyed. Such constant monitoring and manual work drives the time it takes to do it all and make the final product. Because of this initial struggle, the prices of even the average CBD quality products can be high.

Extraction and Refinement is Lengthy and Complex


When the hemp plant is finally fully grown and ready for further stages, there is another set of challenges for those who deal with it. First and foremost, it takes a lot of time and effort to extract the necessary ingredients, refine them, and turn them into the product. This is either done with ethanol or supercritical CO2. Both of these methods give safe products and ethanol is cheaper, but more manufacturers use CO2 because it is better for smaller batches. And smaller batches are easier to work with and are usually what manufacturers opt.

It gets out more useful compounds from the hemp plant and the product is of higher quality. Because of all this, most manufacturers have high quality products due to the CO2 method and that drives the price up. Removing the THC from the hemp is a separate stage in all of this and the less of it a manufacturer wants in the product, the longer and more careful it needs to be.

Distribution and Marketing Can Be an Issue


On top of all the growing concerns and challenges and the difficult and lengthy process of refinement, there is also the problem of marketing CBD products and distributing it to the shops. While we said that both the demand and supply are high, and while that is true in general, small-scale dominant distribution means that many shops can not restock in time. Larger sellers like drug stores, grocery stores, supplement stores, and supermarkets do not typically carry CBD products, meaning small specialized shops are the only places where one can get it. Therein lies the problem.

While most big retailers do not want CBD due to its being a liability because of its ties to marijuana and THC, it is up to the small players to do all the marketing and distribution. There is enough product to meet the demand, but the people do not know about it. They have to search for it specifically to be able to get it, while it is usually the other way around. With other products you are served ads and you see them around. The amount of marketing and special distribution practices make the products more expensive than they need to be and that will not change until bigger stores start selling CBD products.

A Lot of Misunderstanding about Pricing


Another reason why CBD seems more expensive than it should be is due to the people not knowing how much they need. They take more than they should or buy the wrong product. The strength of CBD in milligrams is key, as is your physique and reasoning behind taking CBD. The benefits of these products are many but you must know why you are taking them. You must also care not to go over the daily limit and to consume it without abusing it. Paying a full price for a bottle of oil that costs $30 seems expensive, but it is 300 mg of CBD meaning each mg is $0.10. If you buy larger bottles, 1 mg comes down to less than that. Being smart about purchases is key, and that can only come after being properly informed on how much you need and how much you take as a single dose.

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