What Is the Best Way to Convert VHSC to Digital

Anyone who had a VHSC camcorder now is wondering how to make copies of the same tapes to a digital medium. VHSC was the perfect way to record important occasions like birthdays, weddings, and other functions which is why people often cannot be here to throw those tapes away. But the more time those stay in the closet, the worse in quality they become.

It is therefore imperative to have it converted to digital as soon as possible. The most common conversion methods include making a DVD, blu ray film, or a simple digital file. Conversion services are probably the most convenient way to get the job done without any headache on your part. However, you can also do it yourself to save some money and make sure that nothing was missed out.

Converting to Digital Versions


Converting vhsc to digital format is easier than the DVD conversion and will require less resources. This way, the content can be preserved in the digital format and saved on the cloud or the computer hard drive without needing a third medium. An analogue to digital converter is the only thing you require if you already have a VCR.

This converter is basically a card which makes the conversion process easy and works much like a USB. This converter would be connected to both the camcorder and the computer system. Any and all adapters have a user manual detailing all the steps to complete the process without complications.

For detailed instructions, you can watch tutorials and look at online articles that relate to installing the software. Just make sure that all the equipment is clean before starting the process so that there are no contamination issues or blurring of the video at the time of the transfer.

The process works in a very simple manner and requires you to insert the tape into the VCR. In the computer, you will have to insert a DVD or a blue ray depending on your personal preference. Since there are many devices and software available for digital conversion, the particulars of the process will vary.

This is a pretty long process and one can even finish up some pending work while it is running in the background. It can be a pain for some but that patience will pay off. After the wait, all of the videos will finally be in a format which can be preserved for a longer while. If the digitisation and the weight is too much for you, there is another alternative for the same process.

No Need for Computer


There is a direct digital converter which does not require a computer system to facilitate the entire process of vhsc to mp4. Through this converter the content of the VHSc state will be directly converted and moved to an SD card. SD cards can then be used on any device to play the videos or even transfer them. However, smaller SD cards will not work because high capacity is required for the digitisation. Any SD card above the capacity of 64 GB will work well.

VHSc-DVD Combo


If you do not have a lot of tapes having it done by a professional will not cost you much. But if you recorded years of your life on VHSC it will take a lot of time as well as money to have it converted.

Doing it yourself therefore becomes the best case scenario. If you want to do it yourself you will first have to buy a combination player / recorder. These are not manufactured anymore so all one can find our second hand models on sale online.

Since they are pretty expensive it is only worth doing if there is a big tape collection. An alternative to this combo is a VCR which will cost around the same and will require plenty of research online. Finding them on a second hand website is probably the best option but not all sellers might be credible because this method contains risks. Along with the VCR you will also need to buy a DVD recorder.

Since DVDs are no longer famous or extensively used the best way to find them is through a second hand store either offline or online. While you are at it, also buy RCA audio / video cables. RCA to HDMI converter might be required in some cases to connect the VCR to the DVD recorder. For a VHSC DVD combo, connecting the camera to the device via an RCA cable will be more than enough to make the process simple.

The method to convert with DVD recorder and VCR is different but simple. You will first need to put in a VHSC tape into the VCR along with a blank DVD in the recorder. The transfer process will be different for different models but it is pretty straightforward nonetheless. All the necessary information is available either on the user manual or on the web if you cannot find appropriate instructions.

All DVD recorders usually have a recording and a finalizing stage. The recording mode allows you to run multiple tapes if the DVD still has enough storage. After the DVD has stored as much as it can, the finalizing stage stops the recording process and makes the DVD playable. After finalizing the recording process cannot be continued again. Make sure to clean all the devices and tapes before starting the process.

The Takeaway

All of these procedures are easy enough to do yourself if there are multiple tapes. Professional help is best for a few tapes but the more content there is, the more money one will have to pay. So, it is better to just buy a device and do the entire thing at home, by double checking that all the content has been transferred correctly. There are already tutorials available online to help anyone out.

The biggest challenge will probably be finding the right converters that are still in working condition.

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